Ok, so Iron Man himself didn’t invent the concept of a ARC reactor; an Affordable, Robust Compact reactor has been talked about for ages. But it sounds fun right? And it’s happening!

The exciting news is the Dennis Whyte has been given the go ahead to construct the ARC reactor at MIT.

In this paper on arXiv Dennis Whyte and his students put forward an ambition design for an ARC reactor. Key points:

  1. Easy to take apart. So the vessel can be replaced after taking a beating from neutrons.
  2. Cheaper higher field Barium Copper Oxide superconducting tape cooled using liquid Nitrogen instead of Helium keeps costs down.
  3. Liquid blanket! A slow flow of Lithium-containing molten salt functions as a neutron moderator and first wall!

A liquid wall? Yes they really are going to find some way to make liquid salt flow around the inside surface of a donut. I know.

These sort of ambitious projects are exactly the sort of thing we love at Applied Fusion.

[Featured image: alternatively Instructables.com are already on it! http://www.instructables.com/id/New-Arc-Reactor-studio-replica/]