Well the guy on the left seems impressed at least.

The team at the Max Plank institute keep plodding away. After their first Helium plasma a few weeks ago they’ve fired up the Wendelstein 7-X with its first Hydrogen plasma:


I can’t help but think that having a quantum physicist as chancellor does good things for a country’s science community.

Dr Merkel looks like she’s in her element.

Anyone happen to know how many British MPs have doctorates in science?



[Featured image: Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel pushed the button. Watching the result on the monitor: Prof. Thomas Klinger/IPP, Prof. Sibylle Günter/IPP, Prof. Otmar Wiestler, Präsident of the Helmholtz Society, Chancellor Angela Merkel, Minister-President Sellering and Dr. Christoph Biedermann/IPP.